We work with a select group of actors, all of whom have considerable experience working with private and public sector organisations.

The basic contract for any actor is: LISTEN. THINK. RESPOND.                                                                                                   

And how we respond on stage will depend upon the behaviour of the person we're interacting with.

But in the workplace, how often do we properly focus on the reactions and behaviour of another person during a difficult conversation? 

Actors are trained to be great observers of people. We're also excellent listeners - so we are able to give you first class feedback on how you handle a difficult conversation. If you're practising for an important presentation, we'll give you performance coaching on how to communicate your message in a way that truly motivates your audience. 

Because it's all down to words, voice and body language. And that's not just the skill set of an actor. It's the skill set for anyone who needs to influence and persuade others.