"Highly recommended for anyone in a sales role, regardless of experience." (Colin Seaton, Chief Inspector, Thames Valley Police)


Richard Matthews - Director of Pitch to Perfection

Richard Matthews, Director, Pitch to Perfection:

I'm in the unusual position of having fifteen years experience of sales management in large multinationals, as well as being a professional actor. These skills combined are incredibly powerful in helping clients win more business, especially as we're now communicating virtually.

I started out in the airline industry (Swissair), initiating and developing commercial relationships with Price Waterhouse, Morgan Stanley, British Aerospace, Marks & Spencer and American Express, to name a few. I subsequently moved into the world of FMCG (Golden Wonder, United Biscuits; H J Heinz), and managed the relationship with Tesco and Sainsbury. Hugely challenging and highly enjoyable years. Yet in the background, I had long harboured a desire to train and work as an actor, finally making the break to do so a little later in life than usual! Having graduated from East 15 Acting School, I worked predominantly in theatre, as well as for the BBC - Radio 4 and as a weekly news reviewer.  

As a communications coach since 2010, I'm combining those corporate and creative worlds. I love seeing the transformation in sales and marketing people from being good to being highly impactful communicators, as well as their openness to the process of change. To facilitate that, I lay great emphasis on creating a relaxed and fun environment in which to practice, because if you don't have fun, you don't learn! I offer 1:1 coaching, and work in groups of no more than eight. Why? Because in an average day's workshop, I've found that larger group sizes compromise the level of quality I can give each participant.

Here's a few examples of work I've been doing:

How to make your pitch stand out on Zoom 

Presentation Skills training for numerous companies across FMCG, business schools and the NHS

Developing excellence in customer service for Hotel Cafe Royal

Communication skills for clinicians with the NHS


"The use of theatre techniques to presentation skills training is so relevant to the corporate world." (Marketing Manager, Ginsters)

Developing your teams into highly persuasive communicators who people are more likely to buy from - virtually and face to face.