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Wed 24 Jul 2013

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Written by Richard Matthews. Categories: Communication Skills Tags: Communication Skills

I was recently working with a client - a very experienced professional in his field. We were working on communication skills and had been running a "role-play" scenario involving handling a difficult situation, with myself playing the rather difficult "superior". We had gone through the scene time after time. After each run, colleagues were giving suggestions - "ask this question", "ask that question" - all of which were convoluted and very technical. The questions kept coming, more and more elaborate by the minute. But still the problem could not be resolved.

Good communication - the skills set that really help businesses overcome obstacles and realise new opportunities - is a multi-faceted beast! But it's something we can never truly master until we've learnt how to "know" the person we're dealing with. And by that I mean knowing them from the outset, from the moment of stepping into a prospective client's office for the first time. What is it that makes that person tick? And how do I need to change to get the results I want?

How to actually achieve this is one of the key competencies actors bring to communication skills training, and fortunately, one in increasing demand! If you're interested to know why, have a look at the "Why use actors?" page on this site. And if your business could benefit from it - get talking to us!