"Fantastic workshop - would highly recommend to any business owner or anyone in a sales role." (Nicola Mayers, Director, Sterling North Ltd)


Poor communication skills undermine great products and ideas.


Whether you're presenting, or are in a frontline customer service role, or you're about to handle a difficult conversation, you need to be thoroughly prepared. But preparation isn't just knowing all about your products. It's also about verbal and non-verbal communication, and critically what that says about you - and by default, the business you represent.

Most people prepare their content. But they don't give anything like enough attention to how they are going to get that content across. Pitch to Perfection help you do just that. Working with us, you'll gain a detailed insight into what impact you're currently having - and what you need to do differently to achieve your goals. Here are some of the key areas we work on:

  • Managing nerves and developing the best 'neutral' body language
  • Developing your voice to gain maximum impact for your message, bringing variety and colour to the key takeaways the audience needs to have
  • Crafting your message, so you're saying the right things to the right people, at the right time
  • Using different influencing techniques to transform difficult situations into win-wins
  • Replacing "corporate speak" with the authentic "you"


Workshops are all designed to your requirements. They are dedicated and not open to participants from other organisations, and group size varies from six to sixteen.

If you're presenting, you'll learn how you and your products and services can stand out from the competition, keeping your audience engaged - and critically, buying your message.

If you're in a frontline customer service role, you'll be given the tools and techniques to deliver five star customer service, anticipating your client's needs, whilst displaying the utmost in professionalism.

And if you are a business leader with a difficult people situation to resolve, you'll gain the insight into how behavioural changes can unlock the door to your business achieving its goals, and to your teams working with greater cohesion and success.


"Highly recommended for anyone in a sales role regardless of experience. An excellent workshop."

(Colin Seaton, Chief Inspector at Thames Valley Police)


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