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At the heart of what we do is working with our clients to create programmes that meet and exceed their expectations. When you hire us, you're buying not just experienced and talented actors, but actors who have worked in the commercial world and understand the pressures decision makers face. 

Drama is central to what we do, but how we do it depends on the challenges our clients face, and the learning outcomes they seek.

We can work with groups - from typically ten to twenty - but also coach individually.

Typically, we work in the following areas:

Presentation Skills

Companies can spend a great deal of time and effort "wowing" their audience with sophisticated presentation slides, but don't necessarily invest the same level of attention in their speakers. Audiences are increasingly demanding, and if you want your message heard, your speakers need to engage their audience quickly and influence them successfully.

We place considerable emphasis on the power of the voice, ensuring there is congruence between the spoken word and body language of a presenter. We give great tips on managing nerves, and we can introduce you to some exercises you definitely won't have seen before to help you hone the skills you've learned. We'll take you outside your comfort zone -   but we do it in a relaxed and supportive environment that enables you to learn, and have fun too.

Actors for Role-Play

Role-play has become an increasingly important element of recruitment and talent development. It is an invaluable tool for providing an escape-proof environment in which a candidate's judgement and behaviour under pressure can be assessed. The actors we provide have extensive role-play experience, working in the UK and internationally, and to C level. They provide an outstanding level of challenge and conviction, and are well versed in giving feedback sensitively and constructively.

We also provide actors for Forum Theatre, where specially written scenes depicting less successful communication are performed. The audience is then invited to direct the actors, changing their behaviours by focusing on their words, voice and body language, to secure a better outcome. It's a great tool to practise a myriad of challenges - from being assertive to handling difficult people, managing conflict or improving team dynamics.

Public Speaking

We coach people who are looking to develop their public speaking skills, or are speaking for the first time. As actors, we will give you an invaluable insight into the skills of performance, enabling you to look confident, stand tall and speak powerfully! We'll make it a lot of fun too, ensuring the next time you are on your feet in front of an audience is an experience you'll enjoy - and one that gets the results you need.